Patrick McGoohan, star, creator and mastermind of The Prisoner, one of television’s premier experiments in thought provoking entertainment, has been dead for about a month. Having been turned onto McGoohan’s trippy, Kafka-esque spy-thriller long before, I’d have written about it if I hadn’t been busy about the business of trying to actually get a job somewhere or another. But seeing as I’m feeling just about as hopeful as Number 6 usually is at the end of one of his abortive attempts to escape the Village, I fugured there’s no time like the present to take a second look at this seventeen episode masterpiece, and as I’ve been rewatching each instalment (and trying to figure out exactly what order they should be played in) I stumbled across a strange realization I’m embarassed never to have noticed before.

Patrick McGoohan wasn’t just an actor, writer or director– he was also a game designer.

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