24 Madness

July 13, 2009

I spent this last weekend alongside my friend Kunal Gupta, who along with Jennifer Walshe and others engaged in a truly singular piece of performance art at Sculpture Center in Queens that gives new meaning to the term “avant-garde”. At the same time, I busied myself on a personal project of my own– my newest game, Tutorial. The first results of my latest skills in animating with my Flash games, I quickly wrote, coded and built this game in an off-and-on 24 hour stretch of ActionScript programming and dialogue-driven game design. It’s still got some bugs here and there, but they’re all minor aesthetic ones, as far as I know. And now, since I’ve had little sleep in the time I cooked this up, I believe I’ll leave any other thoughts of mine for another post. Until next time, pleasant dreamers, never underestimate a starving artist…

One Response to “24 Madness”

  1. TheDustin said

    I dug this, it’s like Venbrux’ Pazzon laid out in the form of meta Matrix-speak. I’ll play it a couple more times and probably give it a write-up sometime soon.

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