I suppose I should’ve mentioned some time ago, but a couple of my games have been featured over at the indie-review site Play This Thing. I only update my own blog rather infrequently, so obviously these things slip my grasp.

Anyways, I’m writing now both to add that mention (especially the rather cool appraisal from the site’s resident madman, Patrick “The 99th” Dugan, who said of my game “Convey Or” that I’m something like “Chris Crawford with a chaser of Red Bull” and thinks I’m a rampant misogynist), but also to post my latest game, a long-in-the-making experiment with my conversation system that is based, for some odd reason, on Jean-Luc Godard’s latest movie, which I saw twice during the New York Film Festival. Godard himself once said that the best way to review a film is to make one of your own, so perhaps I’ll use this format to review games in the future.

Aside from that, there’ll also be a couple of other updates in the coming week. I’ll have a game featured over at the Brooklyn location of Babycastles this Friday in the spirit of the upcoming Election, and another at the Manhattan branch for Halloween (that goes up on Thursday, however, apparently). I shan’t say any more than that at the moment, if for no other reason than this season always carries some natural nail-biting suspense with it thanks to both of the aforementioned occasions, and I always like to add to it in my own special way (also– they’re not actually finished yet). So until next time, pleasant dreamers, sleep tight and don’t let the Lincoln Center bed bugs bite…