Don’t You Forget About Me

November 7, 2010

Would you stand above me?

This is a quick post, and not much more. Many months ago, I sequestered myself into game-design seclusion to produce my next work. In that long stretch of monastic isolation, I had hoped to create a game with a randomly generated map of levels, so that every time you played the game, it would be a brand new experience, and while it was simple enough to create the randomization element, providing a procedural-memory system for those spawned-levels eluded me. It’s why I went for so long without finishing any games, or making any posts here. My vow of ludological silence only broke a few short weeks ago, when I finished my “Film Socialisme”, “Maskovy” and “Debate!” games for Wonders in the Dark and Babycastles @ Showpaper, and at that time I had no hopes of ever returning to that planned system of procedural level-memories. For the foreseeable future, I considered it a lost cause.

Then I changed my mind and finished the damn thing.

I only used “Maskovy” here as a test subject, and don’t really consider this the “definitive” version of the game– granted, I think it works better with this, but the non-memory system was sort of what I had in mind for the game thematically speaking. Still, either version is cool. With this under my belt, I can finally set to work on the games I’d been planning for my gaming-monastery time, but had escaped my capabilities. Until next time, pleasant dreamers, remember that the title was either going to be this or “Forget Me Not”, and I’d argue this is the more honest pop-music reference.

Silence is Violence

November 1, 2010

This past weekend I’ve been able to showcase two of my newest games over at the Manhattan location of the Babycastles Arcade, one for a set of Halloween-themed games curated by my “Waffle” collaborator Arthur Ward, the other a stand-alone game in the spirit of tomorrow’s Election Day that, had it not been for some unexpected trouble with Metro-North, would’ve been there at the same time as my “Ministry of Silence” collaborator Charley Miller’s latest version of his presidential election board-game. All in all, the experience was a little more stressful than I would’ve liked– “Maskovy“, my spooky-game, worked fine, but “Debate!” had a few bugs I would’ve liked to have discovered in time. Still, as I try to do, I’m now here to deliver a kind of post-mortem on the events and the games themselves, for anyone out there who’s interested in playing and/or reading about them.

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