Insert Your Own Rudyard Kipling Joke

March 15, 2011

Last weekend I attended PAX East by exhibiting my game “Talkpack” in Emily Short‘s Interactive-Fiction Demo Fair, alongside some of the best, brightest and strangest entries to the burgeoning text and narrative-driven game genre. There were plenty of traditional text-adventures to be found, obviously, but also a lot of more novel stuff that might fall outside of the ordinary definition of IF, from point-and-click puzzle titles and dating-sims to automatic-typewriters and my own one-button talkathon platformer. All in all I’m glad that I was able to expose my work to a whole new crowd, especially one that’s more or less just as outside the mainstream of indie-gaming as my stuff already is. There’s a great, potent community out there for Interactive Fiction, and I can only hope that I can contribute some more to its bodies of work in the future.

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