Bob Clark is an independent writer, game designer and 2008 graduate of Tisch School of the Art’s Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. He can be reached at

Recent games include:

TALKPACK: Created as an interactive review of Adam Saltzman’s “Canabalt” and Tristan Perich’s “Killjet” for the game-review site Play This Thing. Showcased at PAX East 2011 in Boston as part of Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction Demo Fair.






MASKOVY: Created for the Babycastles Manhattan “Scary Games” show, Halloween 2010.







DEBATE!: Created as one-night showcase game at Babycastles Manhattan for the mid-term elections in 2010.








VIDEO-GAME SOCIALISME: Created as interactive review of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Film Socialisme”, for the cinema blog Wonders in the Dark.







WAFFLE: Created with Arthur Ward Jr. for the 2010 Global Game Jam. Showcased at Babycastles Silent-Barn location.







CONVEY, OR: Created as submission for the 2009 Gamma IV one-button game competition. Showcased at Babycastles Silent-Barn location, and reviewed at Play This Thing.

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